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▪ CopyWriter ▪ Copy EdItOr ▪ Content creator
▪ technical writer/editor ▪ GHOSTWRITer
▪ proofreader ▪ Graphic LAYOUT ARTIST

Known for raising the bar, I'd like to help turn your lead into gold. My writing and editing promotes readability and retention in all forms of business communications. At the same time it dispenses with mediocrity.

Being a 5th-generation Scripps family member to publish in the US (for 145 years), ink runs in my blood. Knowing how to present it in a compelling way to promote your goods and services is intrinsic—whether it's on paper or on the web.

With more than 25 years' personal experience serving companies ranging from Hewlett-Packard and Microsoft to Medrobotics and MedQIA, I’ve dealt with requirements and issues enterprises like yours face every day. This equates to my likely having a unique perspective regarding your communications goals.

►► Another perspective regarding your work yields better results. ◄◄

An editor doesn't need to be an expert in your subject matter. I excel at evaluating your content through the eyes of your clients, prospects, other targeted readers—and even your executives. This can be tremendously helpful in helping you get your messaging across in a succinct manner.

Abolish mediocrity in content.png

I can also help you save face—such as the author who wrote "...alley their fears" when they meant "allay." No spell checker would have flagged that. Or how about the  booth designer who had my client providing "quantitive image analysis?" Thankfully I had the opportunity to catch that error before an observant expo attendee pointed it out to them.

Inherently my service includes an on-the-fly gap analysis. I consider what's missing that could make your story more compelling or help its logic progression. And as an additional value-add proposition, often I'm able to suggest process improvements that may result in cost reductions or workflow efficiency gains.

Retaining reader interest gets increasingly difficult as attention spans continue to decline (that of a goldfish in 2015 – Time, 5/14/15). That's why I strive to help you make.every.word.count. This is all the more important as more content gets read on smartphone screens.

“Chris is more than just a copywriter—he's a trusted business partner who provides solutions... He goes out of his way to ensure we are completely satisfied with each and every project.”

– Jim Fitzgerald
Marketing Communications Manager,
Philips Healthcare, Philips Lifeline

Marketing author and VP Tim Matthews chose Chris Morton from among 65 other candidates to enhance Incapsula's content creation efforts.

My B2B/B2C Services

Here are some of the hats I wear as I help boost your B2B/B2C messaging across many disciplines:

    substantive editor
    copyeditor|copy editor
    content creator
    technical writer
    user experience
          (UX) advocate
    graphic artist

Drawing equally from the analytical and creative portions of my brain, I've long had a foot in both the technical and marketing worlds. I'm adept at wordsmithing corpo-jargon and technobabble into language everyone can quickly parse.

While editing their work, I also enjoy coaching your aspiring writers regarding simple ways they might improve their craft (yes, writing is a craft).

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Why Work With an Experienced Pro

I assist executives, project managers, product marketing managers, engineers, and subject matter experts in meeting tight deadlines.

And it's always a tight deadline, right?

For you and your organization I’m able to create, edit, lay out, and/or proofread all types of:

    documents and reports
    operation manuals,
          user manuals, and IFUs
    case studies, ebooks,
          and white papers
    CxO letters and articles
    book manuscripts
    PowerPoint slides
    marketing collateral
    web content
    video and call scripts
    award-winning layouts
    voiceover work

Targeted readership ranges from physicians to engineers, CTOs to CIOs, developers to operators, and end users across many B2B/B2C realms.

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My Approach to Your Content

I strive to be a good steward of the English language while keeping an eye on changing trends. My style follows that of William Zinsser and the inimitable Sgt. Joe Friday—coupled with a bit of advertising legend David Ogilvy as appropriate.

And I'm a fan of linguist Steven Pinker—The Sense of Style author—who debunked many "rules" Miss Thistlebottom taught us in grade school (like starting a sentence with "And"). He cites the "curse of knowledge" as to why smart people write poorly.

In effect I become a trusted extension of your staff—without your organization dealing with another employee compensation package. That's but one reason why marketing author and infosec VP Tim Matthews chose me from over 65 EFA candidates in 2014 to assist Incapsula's (Imperva's) content creation team.


MS Word and InDesign Mastery

Superior Applied Skill Set

Beyond providing outstanding writing, editing, and proofreading services, I've successfully wrangled many a Word, InDesign, and other software issue. To paraphrase the revered William Zinsser in his best-selling On Writing Well: "When I solve a business communications or niggling software problem it’s like a surgeon removing his 500th appendix—I’ve been there before." Meanwhile others readily seek my advice regarding similar issues they encounter.

“Chris has superb substantive editing skills and a top-notch work ethic. With minimal instruction, he has a thorough grasp of assignments and delivers on time without prompting. Plus, he charges a reasonable fee.”

– Aggie lotz, vice president,
the chemquest group
Medical Device Quick Start Guide

Consummate Professionalism

"Chris makes a quick study of any new technology, ramps up, then takes the ball and runs."

– Sy Kaufax, Solutions Engineer, Binary Office