InnovatiVE document review process

The NYMMIS document review process is a framework for approving business and technical documents in a structured, process-driven manner. As a document is initially submitted to the publications team, it is routed to several others for approval prior to general distribution. 

The publications team is responsible for tracking and routing each document as it makes its way—via a Microsoft SharePoint system—through the approval process, and for knowing where any document is located in SharePoint at any time.

NYMMIS Doc Review Flow.png

My inventive process uses a self-titled Document Acceptance Review (DAR) form—a MS Word cover sheet—to carry a given document from point to point. It uses object linking and embedding (OLE), a feature that has been included in Microsoft Office for over 35 years. 

To start the process, a document author downloads a blank DAR form from SharePoint. They complete a few informational fields, then embed (Insert > Object > Microsoft Word Document) their document in the form as an icon.

The publications team uploads the completed DAR to SharePoint, and helps usher it through the review cycle. As each reviewer signs off and passes the DAR along, the next reviewer simply double-clicks the icon to open the document for review.

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