Paying It Forward

As I edit their work, I enjoy coaching B2B/B2C content creators—often suggesting resources to them.  In this way they "learn to fish" (as the Chinese proverb/Italian adage/Native American saying/Anna Isabella Thackeray Ritchie quote goes).

I'm an unpaid contributor to the EFA's newsletter, The Freelancer, and monitor two online forums that cater to independent editors/indexers. Providing input when I have something to contribute to a discussion, I do the same for a technical writers forum, and another specific to advanced Microsoft Word use. 

Editorial contributor to Freelancer newsletter
“I always like to read your
posts/responses on Copyediting-L
as a much valued opinion.”

– Ursula W.

Ginny R.– "I found [your article] helpful. I'm trying to find time to update my website as well as keep my EFA profile fresh, and saw some good suggestions I hope to implement."

Nancy W. – "What I like most of all is your enthusiasm and willingness to share your considerable expertise."

Andrew H. – "...thank you, Chris, for all the helpful advice you give [in the forum] and in your newsletter articles. As someone who relishes the craft but dreads self-promotion, I find your attitude and suggestions inspiring."

Liz S. – "Chris’s contributions on the EFA forum are friendly and to the point. He is knowledgeable about a range of topics, from tightening up members’ writing to solving a Track Changes problem in Word...I never skip Chris’s posts as I don’t want to miss something useful!

Nicole B. – "I always pay attention to [forum] posts from Chris Morton because his technical background provides important depth and perspective on the business of editing."

Laurel F. – "...your article and related contributions on this list have been quite helpful to me... It was your advice on the [forum] that led me to revamp my EFA profile after the new website was live."

Ruth T-C. – “Chris has been such a knowledgeable, generous provider of advice and information on the [forum] and through the EFA newsletter…that I invited him to speak at [the 2017] “Be a Better Freelancer”® conference.” 

Laura W.– "...your [forum] threads are what got me to jazz up my EFA profile... your previous emails about it were what convinced me!"

Lorraine W. – "I am thankful for all your advice."


I often share long-form articles I've authored on LinkedIn Pulse. I write about the editing profession, Microsoft Word and Windows nuances, LinkedIn topics, personal branding, information security, audio/video recording, and other topics related to business, marketing, and the digital world.

"Botnet Zombies" pulled 830 clicks. Many of my articles are frequently reposted (shared) by other LinkedIn members to their network.

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For two years running I’ve been a featured presenter at Communication Central’s “Be a Better Freelancer” conference. Here I present marketing tips to other independent editors, writers, indexers, and others in related fields.

Chris Morton presenting on SEO at this year's "Be a Better Freelancer" conference hosted by Communication Central.

Chris Morton presenting on SEO at this year's "Be a Better Freelancer" conference hosted by Communication Central.