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“We required a complex regulatory document—part of a FDA 510K submission—to be edited by several engineers concurrently on a very short deadline. After [he offered] instruction as to how best to provide edits, Chris kept the deliverable on track by herding inputs from the multiple authors.

These he quickly incorporated in the master IFU while also maintaining a FDA-mandated, redlined markup. Meeting all of our criteria, his management enabled this documentation to be completed on schedule.”
– Jack Bonasera
VP Regulatory & QA,
Medrobotics Corporation

In Their Words – Other Client Recommendations


Chris is an exemplary  writer who was a key asset to HP's Enterprise Information Architecture team. His experience in processes and how to interact well with people was superb. He recognized process gaps and took the initiative to provide efficient solutions for them. His attention to detail and teamwork served him well.

Robert Hobbs, Infrastructure Architect, HP Inc.

I worked with Chris on the ~200-pp. operations manual for a complex, computer -controlled electronic device. It's very technical and includes installation instructions, mechanical and electrical schematics, and software control descriptions [i.e., function calls]. 

Chris maintained a high attention to detail and quickly gained an understanding of the device. This let him identify and bring forward specific questions during development for the technical team to address. His final product was very professional. 

— dave kubel, VP, TESCO CONTROLS

Chris is a detail-oriented editor with whom I have the ongoing pleasure of working.  He came up to speed on our technology surprisingly quickly and began showing his value almost immediately.

He consistently provides high-quality work, even when working on compressed timelines. Chris also has a great sense of humor which subtly shines in his comments. 

— ORION CASSETTO, head of product marketing, exabeam

Chris is reliable, detail‐ oriented and tech‐savvy. Most importantly, he is unwilling to accept mediocre results and is naturally inclined to always go the extra mile. 

—  Igal Zeifman, director of marketing, imperva incapsula


Chris understands our [infosec] technologies and business value position, while carefully discerning my drafts. From these he creates  effective content. Moreover, he does this with great humility—a rare commodity these days.

— Stephen Singam, Executive Cyber Security Advisor, Versive

When charged with creating some scientific publications, I appreciated Chris' mentoring me regarding some of the more advanced functions of MS Word. He is also a terrific wordsmith, knowing the best way to fine-tune the message I wanted to get across. On a daily basis, I observed how easily Chris communicated with everyone, from the executive team to our software developers and vendors. Not being afraid to voluntarily offer suggestions, he's an energetic team player who wears many hats.

– Bharath Ramakrishna, Head of Product, MedQIA


Chris was able to quickly sequence and develop our  software user manual.  As a virtual team member, he did his own  troubleshooting and, during weekly meetings, asked the right questions to make rapid progress. His  computer knowledge was a big plus, as was his background in electricity markets—what he didn't already  know he independently researched. 

He had the project completed within a month—including (minimal)  review changes. At its conclusion, Chris provided training that enables us to update the manual on our own. 

— Matthew Dowling, CTO, Wireless Glue Networks

As [Eigen's] senior technical writer responsible for user manuals, Chris soon wore multiple hats—including assuming a primary role in marketing material creation. 

He quickly grasped the complexity of Eigen's cutting-edge medical devices and software. He communicated well with managers, scientists, and programmers—never hesitating to make a suggestion or offer  constructive guidance. 

Being very organized, highly creative, and passionate about his profession, Chris always has a sense of ownership about his work. His initiatives ensured continuity in relation to manuals, the GUI, SOPs  and all client-facing marketing and conference collateral.

— Dinesh Kumar Scientific Advisor, TriOcula Technologies

I had the pleasure of working with Chris on multiple marketing and writing projects.  His creative writing style and ability to drive the point home in an artful manner won  the thanks and praise of several senior-level managers at Hitachi-Aloka Medical, Ltd.

His writing and layout skills were instrumental in successfully launching Eigen's technology at the annual American Urological Association convention—one of the world’s largest. 

— David Paribello, PRESIDENT, Engineering Medical Solutions